On 5 May 2020, ENCATC launched the call for applications for the 2020 ENCATC Research Award on Cultural Policy and Cultural Management.

This prestigious recognition aims to stimulate academic research in the field of cultural management and cultural policy with an emphasis on its applied implications. The ENCATC Research Award also has the ambition to contribute to the process of creating a network of scholars who are competent in doing ground-breaking research projects in cultural policy and cultural management.

Granted each year, the Award consists of the translation of the winning doctoral thesis into English and its publication in the Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education Book Series, a series of publications specialising in topics related to cultural management and cultural policy headed by ENCATC. The international dissemination of the ENCATC Book Series is ensured by Peter Lang, an international publishing group.

An international Jury will evaluate the applications and select the winner. For this Research Award, ENCATC uses a very broad definition of culture, going from the arts, heritage and culture to the cultural and creative sectors. In 2020, the thematic areas (not exclusive) for the competition are the following: 

  • Developing intercultural and transnational dimensions of cultural policies and cultural management issues; 
  • Values and ethics in cultural policy and cultural management;
  • Creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Participation and digitization; 
  • Governance-leadership in the cultural field;
  • Culture as a tool for soft power and cultural diplomacy; 
  • Business models;
  • Evaluation;
  • Internationalisation of networks. 

Qualification criteria will be based on: 

  • Quality of the research and the research methodology;
  • Originality of the research topic;
  • Innovative character of the research design;
  • Relevance and inspiration for the field and/or for policy makers;
  • Relevance of the thematic area to ENCATC;
  • International dimension of the research;
  • Quality of writing.