Public-Private Partnership in the Cultural Sector. A Comparative Analysis of European Models

By Dr. Elena Borin, 2016 ENCATC Research Award Winner

Publication Year: 2017
Length: 230 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9782807604070


Public-Private Partnership in the Cultural Sector

This book contributes to the debate on the emerging governance systems and management models of the cultural sector by means of a comparative analysis of significant case studies of public-private partnerships in Europe.

The research focuses on the development of public-private collaborations over the last five decades and investigates the emergence of multi-stakeholder partnerships in the cultural and creative field. The results of the analysis are interpreted in light of the discussion on the need to create integrated cultural systems at a local level that bring together cultural organizations, public authorities, citizens and communities. These territorial cultural ecosystems could unlock the potential of the cultural and creative sector and stimulate new ways to promote the cultural identity of the territory, giving a new role to cultural and creative organizations.