On 4 October, Dr. Amsellem will be present at the book launch of her publication the 2019 ENCATC Congress “Diversity and sustainability at work. Policies and practices from culture and education” taking place in Dijon, France from 2-5 October.

Museums are increasingly developing international strategies to raise their profiles outside of their home markets. How can we define this trend? This book is based on a multiple correspondence analysis of a database populated by the results of a survey conducted by the author on international museums. The study reveals that museums fall into four categories regarding their internationalization strategies and can have two complementary international strategies: one geared toward economic profitability and one geared toward the preservation of heritage. However, traditional business models for museums are currently facing challenges from a decline in public subsidies, uncertainty surrounding private donations and stagnant ticket sales. The author argues that the internationalization of museums is having an impact on the historical models and is contributing to the evolution of these business models. Two case studies, of the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK) and the Musée des Arts et Métiers (Paris, France), provide particular insights into the international characteristics and practices of museums.