2021 ENCATC Research Award Finalist

Doctoral Thesis: The Shift of Valuation and Management in ‘Denken Chiku’ Protected Townscapes in Japan: Comparative Analysis with Contemporary Western Protection Policies” defended at Waseda University (Japan).

Jon Alvarez Fernandez is an independent researcher, lecturer and consultant in topics related to architectural design and heritage. He has his Professional Degree on Architecture (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2006), Masters’ Degree on Restoration and Comprehensive Management of Built Heritage (Universidad del País Vasco, 2013), and Doctor on Architecture (Waseda University, 2018). Working on research since 2003, his research topics included the analysis of historical monuments of large scale, the valuation of residential quarters, and urban planning related to preservation. He also worked as an architect on both designs for new buildings and preservation projects for traditional structures. He works in Japan since 2014, where he has collaborated with different municipalities and national research institutions in diffusion events and research projects related to the architectural heritage in Japan. Currently he is collaborating as an external visiting lecturer at the Masters’ Degree on Architecture in Waseda University, and as a researcher in the Research Group on History of Divulgation of Japanese Architecture in Western Media and Literature of the same university.