2020 ENCATC Research Award Finalist

Doctoral Thesis: “The EcoMuseums: An Approach for the Preservation of Heritage Attributes in Egypt’s Historic Urbanism”

Eman Kandil is an Egyptian architect, heritage activist and academician. She is a lecturer of architecture at the High Institute of Engineering and Technology in Menoufia, Egypt and at several other academic institutions in the Egyptian Nile Delta. She received her Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and her M.Sc. degree in Architecture from Menoufia University, Egypt. Her 2014 master thesis was on exploring the attributes of “beauty” entailed in the built fabric of the Nubian historic settlements; a study that remains a key reference on the subject. Her Ph.D. dissertation she submitted to Menoufia University in 2020, explores the dichotomy in the international urban conservation approaches, more specifically those of the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) and the Ecomuseums, and proposes a comprehensive framework suitable for Egypt and other parts of the Arab Region. She practices architectural design and heritage conservation in various areas in Egypt. Her researches and practices aim to help regenerating traditional areas by accentuating their attributes of cultural values and identities those worth of preserving in their contemporary contexts.