2022 ENCATC Research Award Finalist

Youyou (Ruby) Yu got her Ph.D. in Arts theory with a concentration in Arts Management and Cultural Industries at Peking University (China) in 2022. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 drew her attention to the emerging academic field of crisis management in the arts and culture and made it her doctoral research topic. During her doctoral study, she served as an adjunct faculty and Visiting Scholar at New York University (NYU) and taught two courses “Environment of Arts Administration” and “Creative and Cultural Industries” for both Performing and Visual Arts Administration programs. So far, Ms. Yu has published several papers in important Chinese academic journals and presented at several international arts administration and cultural policy conferences around the world. 

Ms. Yu earned a master’s degree in Art Management and Cultural and Creative Industries from Beijing Dance Academy, where she worked for three years as a senior teaching fellow and Chinese dance instructor in the School of Graded Examination. In 2011, she founded her own dance company, Nanjing Art Impression PR Design Co., Ltd. Working as a choreographer and agent, her professional experiences inspired her to pursue academic research on cultural and arts management, especially with a focus on audience development.