2020 ENCATC Research Award Finalist

Doctoral Thesis: “Spaces ‘Out of Religious Use’ and ecclesiastic architecture as marketable real estate assets: A potential solution for Russia’s abandoned religious heritage artifacts”

Anastasiia Sedova is Assistant Professor for the Department of Architecture and Director of the educational program in Building Design at Izhevsk State Technical University (Russia), where she is also a member of the Council of Young Scientists. She holds a PhD in Architectural Technology at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy) and was awarded the title of Doctor Europaeus. Her PhD thesis “Spaces ‘Out of Religious Use’ and Ecclesiastic Architecture as Marketable Real Estate Assets. A Potential Solution for Russia’s Abandoned Religious Heritage Artifacts” makes an important contribution to the decision making process with regard to the future of abandoned and obsolete ecclesiastical cultural heritage typologies, both in Russia and internationally. During her PhD path she has been visiting researcher in Technological University Dublin (Ireland), Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (Russia), and Burgundy School of Business (France). Anastasiia is a certified consultant in sustainable architecture (issued by DGNB), and she has expertise in project management (issued by IPMA Italy).